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Welcome to our company's website!

Qingdao Hairstarslashes is one of the leading eyelashes supplier located in Qingdao, China. With more than 10 years manufacturing experiences, we have developed more than 500 styles of false eyelashes, including eyelashes extension, Flare lashes, Individual eyelashes, bulk lashes, Luxury Siberian mink eyelash extensions, decorated Eyelashes etc. 

Especially for our hot selling product of eyelash extensions which are no kink and very easy removable from the scotch tape, the lashes have no residue from the glue when pick up. All of these beautiful lash products make our eyelashes lifelike! We strongly value all of the customers worldwide and cherish all the opportunities in our business cooperation. We will do our best to meet or exceed our customers' expectation.           

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